Many, many hours of work go into each lovingly crafted Santa,
each one original, unique and one-of-a kind.


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  The Birder

Santa stops to rest on an old birch "stump" as he makes his way home after spending a day in the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree.  He’s carrying the tree in a sack strapped to his back.  An avid birder, he takes his binoculars and camera along just in case he spots an interesting bird.
And he always has his Audubon book handy to help him with identification.  Santa stays toasty warm in his faux fur trimmed fleece hoodie.

Seated, he is approximately 13 1/2"  high, from the base of the stump to the top of his hat.  He is not affixed to the stump so he can sit anywhere.  His arms and legs are wired, making him somewhat flexible.

  Wasted Santa

This Santa was created a couple of years ago.  Originally, he was holding a globe and planning his Christmas Eve route.  I had to pull him from the site when the globe inexplicably exploded!  To make a long story short, Mrs. Claus had a fit when she discovered that he had purchased the defective globe from China.  And the elves were outraged to discover that Santa had been outsourcing some of their work and threatened to go on strike!  Well, it was too much for old Santa and it literally drove him to drink.  So here he sits with an empty bottle of Smirnoff's Citrus Flavored Vodka on his lap.  I had to glue him into his deck chair as he is in no condition to walk, let alone drive a sleigh...

  Lobster Claus

Santa sits on a cute wooden lobster trap and pretends to repair his fisherman’s net.  He is looking to make sure no one sees what he’s really been up to.  The truth is that he’s been busy all morning releasing trapped lobsters as a holiday goodwill gesture.   Over his jeans, he is wearing a heavy
cotton twill jacket and hat to protect him from the elements. 

Seated, Santa is approximately 13 1/2"  high, from base of lobster trap to top of hat.  He is not affixed to the trap so he can sit anywhere.  His arms and legs are wired, making him somewhat flexible.

Includes trap, wooden buoy and (very relieved) plastic lobster

  Father Christmas and Hitty
English style Father Christmas is dressed in a burgundy
wool coat and matching pants.  His coat and hood are
 trimmed in faux fur.  He is holding a cloth Hitty-style
doll of my own interpretation.  She is approximately 5 ¾” tall
and can be removed from Santa’s arms to visit your
dollhouse for awhile.  (Just be sure to hand her back
to Santa for safekeeping so she doesn’t
get into any trouble!)

Santa is approximately 21" tall.

  Dockside Santa
Warmly dressed in dark taupe fleece jacket and pants,
Santa rests on a piling. He may look like he's just
"watchin' the tide roll away" but he's really reflecting
on all the work he has to finish by Christmas. He is
holding a toy sailboat, a beautiful cowrie shell
and a glass float.

Seated Santa measures approximately 15" from the bottom
 of the piling to the top of his hood.
  Seaside Santa
Elegant Santa is snug in his blue-green and gray tapestry
outfit with gray faux fur trim. On his matching belt, with
vintage mother of pearl buckle, he carries a wooden buoy
painted in green and blue and a teal basket filled
with seashells. He is holding a pretty shell up
to his ear in an attempt to listen to the ocean.

Santa is approximately 21" tall.
  Maritime Santa

Santa takes a stroll along the shore dressed in
a tan fleece jacket and wool pants. He carries a
green glass float and a beautiful madras harp shell
that he found while beachcombing.

Santa is approximately 21" tall.


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