These are some of my favorite places on the web:


Pickford Faire & Co.


Lovely handmade Santa dolls and other whimsical characters...
The Cat Tea Corner My favorite subjects all in one place:  Israel, vegetarianism, animal rights, cats and tea...  Check out their links page.
Bearly Collectable Bears
Gorgeous bears, other animals and Santas from the land down under
by Heather Brook.
Beyond Avalon's Gate
Beautifully detailed Santas...
Zola Levitt Ministries
Learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity.
Charming Trinkets Shop here for beautifully designed, romantic jewelry by Linda Bertino.

Cloth Doll Connection

This is a wonderful resource for cloth doll makers.
Cloth Doll Supply
Fran carries everything a cloth doll maker could possibly want!
The Teaching Company
Begin the new millennium with a college course or two.
Homespun Tapes Learn to play an instrument or just improve your yodeling


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