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About Moi

This picture is circa early fifties.
Santa dolls have always loomed large
in my legend...


With my mom's encouragement, I have always drawn and created things from the time I was small.  I started making dolls back in the late seventies/early eighties after stumbling upon an amazing little book (no longer in print, sadly) called Soft People by Loretta Pompilio.  The dolls she made were works of art – not cutesy.  I would have to call her the mother of the modern art doll movement because her work done nearly thirty years ago looks like it could have been created today.

Another big influence has been Miriam Gourley and her book, Cloth Dolls, How to Make Them.  That book is readily available and I highly recommend it, especially to beginners.  There are patterns and instructions from many of the best contemporary doll makers.

I specialize in Santas (with occasional little side excursions to other types of dolls) because I love Christmas so much.  One summer day, I bought some evergreen sprays at the local Craft store and the clerk said, “Christmas, already?”  And it felt really good to tell her that, as a Santa maker, at my house, it’s Christmas all year!

I live in the New Jersey pinelands with my husband, Chuck. Together, we own and operate a graphic design and photography company called The Art Room.  We share our home with eleven (eleven?) wonderful cats - all former strays.


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